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Discussion Questions for Love, Aubrey by Suzanne LaFleur

  1. Did you understand right away what was going on in Aubrey’s life in the beginning of the book? What gave you clues that something was very wrong?

  1. Would you have made the same decisions Aubrey did when she was alone?

  1. Why did she get the fish?

  1. Was it a good idea for her to go to her Grandma’s house?

  1. What were some ways Aubrey displayed her grief?

  1. How did her new neighbor, Bridget, change things for her?

  1. Discuss how what different people did to help her recover from her loss- Bridget, Amy, Gram, Uncle David, Bridget’s family, Marcus.

  1. Who was Jilly and why did Aubrey choose to write to her?

  1. What were your favorite parts to the story?

  1. What parts did you wish you could change?

  1. What parts were hard for you to read (emotional)?

  1. Discuss Aubrey’s mother and her reaction to the accident.

  1. Did you guess that Aubrey would make the final decision the way she did?

  1. What would you have done?

  1. What advice would you have given to Aubrey if you were in Bridget’s shoes?

  1. What lessons did you take away from the story?

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  1. Wow! What story! I had to have a tissue every time I picked the book up. The boys were so embarrassed because I was reading in public with tears! Did you have the same reaction? The story was so well written. I loved the characters- especially the neighbor, what a great friend. Did you think she would make that decision in the end? I was surprised by her choice but impressed that she could come to that conclusion. What would you have done?