Al Capone Shines My Shoes

Our second book club meeting is this Tuesday July 27th. We will be meeting from 6-7:30 at Round Table on Main street. Have you finished the book? If you haven't, please still come to the meeting, maybe the conversation will inspire you to keep going. If you can't make the meeting, post your thoughts, comments, and opinions here. Just click on the comment link below.

Happy Reading,

Mrs. Highfill


  1. Did you scroll down all the way to the bottom of this page? The fish want your attention, drag your cursor over them and they will follow you. Click on the space and you will drop fish food.

  2. It started out slow at first, and I started to lose my enthusiasm. But, at the end, it all came togather to make a wonderful story filled with suspense, anticipation, and action!

    At the start of it, it was seemed to draw out forever with dialogue, but you needed it to develop the story. I am glad I finished this book.

    The characters were well thought out and had interesting personalities, each with their own view of the world. Natalie acts like a baby (how old is she again?)that doesn't know how to talk--whats up with her? Matthew (Moose)is kind of like a hero in his own mind, while others think of him as being full of himself.

    At the end, something was missing. What happened to the warden's newborn son? They didn't say any more about Piper. Did I miss something?

    Andrew Millar ^_^